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Kwik Stix is a modern Asian restaurant in Parafield offering personalised service and a select menu of Asian food, with a strong focus on Thai cuisine. We have been going strong for 22 years, creating a band of very loyal locals. We aim to provide great value and quality and offer some of the best Thai food in Adelaide.


Some of specialities include Choo Chee Chicken, Thai Crispy Barramundi, Panang Beef, Thai Green Prawn and Massaman Lamb. We also also a wonderful selection of local and feature wines as well as an array of international specialties. In addition we cater for kids, vegetarians, vegans and those with a gluten allergy.


Don’t forget on Tuesdays KIDS EAT FREE!


Kwik Stix is the perfect venue to hold your next function, party, celebration, corporate lunch or birthday dinner. We can accommodate large group bookings. Bookings essential. Host your Christmas function with us – email us at or use the booking for below.

Chicken sweet corn soup $6.50
chicken & sweet corn in a creamy broth 

Chicken tom yum (med-hot) $7.20
a rich spicy thai soup infused with fragrant lime leaves, thai red ginger, coconut milk & lemongrass

King prawn tom yum (med-hot) $8.20 
a rich spicy thai soup infused with fragrant lime leaves, thai red ginger, coconut milk & lemongrass
Spring rolls (3) $6.90 
minced chicken, vermicelli & cabbage served with sweet & sour sauce
Vegetarian spring rolls (4) $6.90
vermicelli, cabbage & carrots served with sweet & sour sauce
Steamed or fried dim sims (3) $6.90 
made to our special chinese recipe
Malaysian chicken satay (3) $7.90
marinated char grilled chicken on skewers served with a spicy peanut sauce
Thai coriander squid $10.90 
tasty squid rings lightly fried & fi nished in the wok with coriander & seasonal vegetables
Chinese shallot cakes (2) $6.50
chinese style shallot cakes, lightly fried & served with soy sauce

chicken breast fillet $16.90 
beef $16.90 
mixed seasonal vegetables $14.90 


Thai red curry
a rich red pad ped style curry with capsicum, baby corn,
bamboo shoots & coconut milk
Fresh coriander
fresh coriander fi nished in a mild thai style sauce, wok
tossed with capsicum, onion & mushroom
Satay peanut sauce
a malaysian style satay peanut sauce, wok tossed with
seasonal vegetables
Thai style cashew nuts
sweet chilli sauce, cashew nuts & seasonal vegetables
Thai basil
chilli & fresh basil leaves wok tossed with seasonal
Black bean
a chinese black bean sauce fi nished in seasonal vegetables

Thai basil noodles $13.90

thai style thick rice noodles, stir fried with chicken, mixed seasonal vegetables & fresh basil leaves

Drunken noodles $13.90

a popular thai dish of rice noodles, stir fried with chicken, basil, lime, bamboo shoots & onion

Malaysian style kway teow $13.90

a popular malaysian thick rice noodle, stir fried with beef, vegetables & egg

Beef black bean noodles & broccoli $13.90

beef pieces in a chinese style black bean sauce & thick rice noodles

Laotian noodles (med – hot) $13.90

tender chicken pieces cooked with onion, coconut milk, curry paste & special herbs, stir fried with yellow noodles

Japanese udong noodles $15.90

udong noodles wok tossed with prawns, mussel, squid, egg & mixed vegetables in a japanese sauce

Singapore hokkien noodles $13.90

fresh yellow noodles with chicken, sweet soy sauce & vegetables

Pad thai noodles $13.90

freshly stir fried noodles with shrimps, chicken, sweet chilli sauce, crushed nuts & seasonal vegetables


All noodles available in vegetarian $13.90

Sizzling japanese teriyaki chicken $17.90

succulent chicken pieces prepared in a traditional japanese teriyaki sauce

Sizzling thai chilli beef $17.90

a hot plate of succulent beef pieces mixed with thai chilli paste, spring onions, capsicum, celery in a delicious sauce

Sizzling thai sweet chilli chicken $17.90

tender chicken pieces sizzled with broccoli, capsicum, onions & sweet chilli sauce

Sizzling mongolian beef $17.90

lean beef fillets cooked to perfection in a tangy sauce

Sizzling garlic prawns $18.90

stir fried king prawns in a creamy garlic sauce with onions, broccoli, cauliflower & a hint of white pepper

Sizzling black peppercorn fillet steak $20.90

tender beef tenderloin fillets stir fried with seasonal vegetables in a creamy black pepper sauce

Sorry, cooking time may be a little longer.


BBQ chicken tender $17.90

chicken pieces marinated with coriander, garlic, soy sauce & of white pepper

Thai yam chicken (med – hot) $18.90

tender chicken marinated in thai herbs char grilled & finished in fresh lime & lemon juice

Tasty pork $18.90

char grilled to perfection, marinated with coriander, garlic, lemongrass, ginger, oyster sauce & palm sugar

Chargrill chicken with coconut sambal $17.90

tender chicken chargrilled served with a delicious young coconut, lemongrass and sambal sauce on the side

Chargrilled fillet steak thai style $21.90

marinated tender fillet steak chargrilled & served with steamed vegetables & a tangy thai dipping sauce

Salt & pepper squid $17.90/ Salt & pepper prawns $19.90

your choice of squid or prawns lightly dipped in corn flour & wok finished in salt, pepper, spring onions & a hint of fresh chilli

Barramundi hot pot $19.90

barramundi fillet fried & wok finished in a thai/chinese fusion sauce with ginger, garlic, black bean & mixed vegetables

Coriander barramundi fillets $19.90

barramundi fillet pieces fried & wok tossed with fresh coriander & seasonal vegetables

Sweet & sour chicken breast $16.90

chicken breast pieces fried & wok tossed with vegetables in our special sweet & sour sauce

Honey chicken breast $16.90

chicken breast pieces fried & wok tossed in a sweet tasting honey sauce

Crispy chicken $17.90/ Crispy prawns & cashew nuts $19.90

crispy chicken or prawns gently fried & wok tossed in capsicum, spring onions, mushroom & cashew nuts

Crispy duck with cashew nuts $21.90

fried duck fillets served on a bed of crispy noodles & smothered in a rich plum sauce & sprinkled with cashew nuts

All curries can be prepared hotter or milder.


Choo chee chicken (mild) $17.90

prepared with a thick red curry simmered with coconut milk, palm sugar, fish sauce & kaffir lime leaves

Chicken marsala (mild) $16.90

a mild & hearty indian treat of tender chicken pieces cooked in marsala paste, coconut milk, tomatoes, onion, garlic, ginger & potato

Thai crispy barramundi (med – hot) $19.90

barramundi fillets fried & wok finished in a tasty red thai style curry paste

Paneang beef (med – hot) $16.90

a popular thai curry with chunky beef pieces

Thai green curry chicken (med – hot) $16.90

chicken pieces delicately cooked in a green curry paste, thai herbs, seasonal vegetables & coconut milk – a wet soupy style curry.

Masaman lamb $18.90

tender pieces of lamb and potatoes cooked in a delicious mamasan curry

Traditional bbq ribs $18.90

huge serve of big thick juicy pork ribs topped with a tangy bbq sauce

Twice cooked pork belly $17.90

pork belly slow braised in dark soy & served with bok choy

Fillet steak with mushroom $19.90

stir fried pieces of fillet steak with seasonal vegetables and mushrooms.

Pepper and garlic chicken $16.90

with fresh asian greens chicken breast pieces lightly wok tossed with bok choy

Tender duck $21.90

duck poached in spiced soya sauce & served with chinese greens

Prawn snowpeas $20.90

prawns wok tossed with snowpeas and seasonal vegetables in a light chinese sauce

Steamed rice

small (serves one) $2.50

medium (serves two or three) $4.50

large (serves families or groups) $7.00

Fried rice

roast pork special fried rice $9.90

chinese chicken special fried rice $9.90

vegetarian fried rice $7.90

bowl of steamed vegetables (with oyster sauce) $5.50

Entrée size of wok tossed served with steamed rice (select a sauce from the wok tossed section of the menu).


Chicken, beef or mixed vegetables $9.90

All main meal noodle dishes (dine in only) $10.90 ($3.00 more for seafood)

Chicken & sweet corn soup $5.50

chicken & sweet corn soup served with steamed rice

Kwik stix mix $8.50

2 spring rolls & 1 chicken skewer served with steamed rice

Malaysian delight $8.50

3 chicken satays served with steamed rice & satay sauce

Honey chicken $8.50

honey chicken breast fillets served with steamed rice

Fish fillets $8.50

fish fillets crumbed & served with chips & tomato sauce

Chicken breast fillets $8.50

chicken breast fillets crumbed & served with chips & tomato sauce

Calamari rings $8.50

crumbed calamari rings served with steamed rice & sweet & sour sauce

Bowl of chips $5.00

Drink Options

We offer a range of wines, spirits, liquors, coffee, teas and soft drinks. Our wines are sourced from all over the world, including some of best from South Australia.


Our drink options are always being updated so feel free to ask us what we have on offer when you next visit!

Takeaway Menu

All of our menu items can be made to takeaway.


You can download our takeaway menu as a PDF by clicking the button below.



Cnr Main North Rd & Kings Rd, Parafield


Monday – Sunday
Lunch: 12pm – 2:30pm & Dinner: 5pm – 9:30pm